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Professional support for your doctoral project

Are you looking for competent support for your doctoral project? Find out all about doctoral advisory service, including an excerpt from our extensive overview of the best universities for an external doctorate.

Professional PhD Consulting

Our website looks back on more than 15 years of company history as a full-service scientific service provider. During this time, we have managed to put together an extensive pool of highly qualified academic experts from a wide range of disciplines. These include promotion experts, who are available as competent partners for doctoral projects. These are exclusively graduated (and partly habilitated) academics who are very familiar with the range of courses offered and the scientific discourse in their area of ​​expertise. Whether you are looking for a research service that you can rely on 100% or you are interested in versatile and long-term advice, here you have the best chance of finding expert support from sought-after experts.

Our doctoral advisors will accompany you in your search for the right chair and during the application process. They are very familiar with the international university scene and use this knowledge to find exactly the right university in their home country or one recognized in their home country. We also provide active support during the subsequent steps – for example, when preparing an exposé or conducting preliminary studies. Other services provided by our PhD experts include ongoing optimization of the doctoral thesis, correction and proofreading, as well as feedback discussions with you. These services are especially relevant for those who want to do their part-time doctorate.

Your doctoral adviser is at your side in all phases

Of course, the experts will assist you with the writing of the dissertation, be it through the preparation of partial studies or the evaluation of existing chapters. Upon request, our doctoral advisors also take care of the handling of all formalities until the doctoral degree is received and prepare the doctoral candidates for oral examination and defense in intensive training. After the promotion goal has been successfully achieved, we take over the organization of the publishing house of the finished work or the publication of the central research findings in a scientific journal for you.

Contact your doctoral adviser

Of course, if you take advantage of our doctoral advisory service, you will enjoy all the other benefits and services we offer our client. These include all areas covered by our Quality Guarantee, such as the work of an expert in your academic field and ongoing quality checks, as well as full cost transparency and confidentiality of your data. Of course, you also have access to our communication tool, which offers you the opportunity for direct contact and secure data exchange with your academic expert at any time.

Who can benefit from a doctoral adviser?

Around 38 percent of all dissertations are done in parallel to a full-time job. About 45 percent of this amount is attributed to external doctoral students, who therefore do not earn a doctorate as scientific employees of the university. The rest is tackling the project as an additional career challenge. It is our goal, above all, to offer professional support to those who are interested in the promotion.

Most of our clients in the field of doctoral counseling are service providers who want to develop not only professionally but also academically. They are usually busy in everyday life and often lack time resources. Together with our experts, however, they manage to implement the doctoral project in a manageable period of time.

Professional success often excludes investing as much time and energy as you would like in academic research. Even the bureaucracy that has to be overcome for a doctoral student can quickly become a stress test. This is exactly where consultants offer a welcome relief – and completely legal and at fair prices. Just tell us what we can do for you!

Externally doctorate: the best universities for your specialization

Here is a small excerpt from our overview of European universities and universities where an external doctorate is possible. The degrees obtained are recognized in EU and, depending on the duration of the program, the time of attendance and the scope of the dissertation, are associated with varying degrees of effort and costs.

The right program for you is not included? No problem, just come to us – our doctoral advisors are sure to know the right university for you.

What the expertise of a doctoral adviser promises you

The doctoral degree promises many benefits. These include a higher income, a faster career growth and a social recognition. Doctoral candidates usually earn more than non-doctoral colleagues from the same field. According to a personnel market study, the salary of executives holding a doctorate is around € 20,000 higher than that of non-doctorate executives. Around two-thirds of the top managers with economics degrees in major European companies hold a doctorate – many of them have worked part-time. Also, a large part of the top officials consists of graduated academics. A doctorate can therefore be financially lucrative and accelerate the rise to the top position on the career ladder.

If there is a lack of capacity to tackle the hurdles typical of doctoral students alone, doctoral counseling by academic service providers is usually the best alternative. This takes place within the legal framework and, so to speak, forms an antipole to the university trend of finding side-by-side doctoral students with great skepticism. Help from the private sector allows career people with academic ambitions to reach the doctoral degree next to the profession.

Doctoral advice at the highest level – the structured way to a doctorate

On the way to the doctorate lurk numerous hurdles, for example, disciplinary and bureaucratic nature. It is important to overcome these hurdles. This can be a challenge especially for people who are already fully involved in their professional lives. Valuable support is provided by our academic experts, who accompany you during this stage of your life and ensure a structured roadmap to graduation.

Professional doctoral counseling begins with the selection of the right study location and a suitable dissertation topic. In order to be admitted to doctoral studies at all, a chair from the respective field must recognize the research interests of the project. The insider knowledge of academic ghostwriters, who always closely follow the academic landscape and the current state of research in their field of expertise, is therefore of great advantage when it comes to finding a topic and location. In addition to independent consulting services, doctoral advisers also provide active support in all phases of the study – from preparation for the interview to the publication of the already accepted doctoral thesis in a scientific journal.

In the development phase of the doctoral thesis, we help you, for example, with research services, preliminary studies and correction loops. Even when writing the exposé, their experience can provide a decisive advantage and they support their customers through ongoing evaluations of the work with valuable feedback. A doctoral adviser as a coach can also provide a sense of security when preparing the doctoral candidate for the oral exam.

We do not leave you alone

Actually, it would be up to the universities to make the path to graduation as structured and uncomplicated as possible for dedicated doctoral candidates. But the reality shows that structured doctoral programs are a rarity and doctoral candidates are often left alone in their project. Not least for this reason, competent experts are in great demand and often heavily utilized, especially as this occupational group is composed of only a manageable number of academic experts due to the extremely high requirements.

On our website you will find highly qualified doctoral advisers for many scientific disciplines. All of them are mostly Ph.D. and have their habilitation and know exactly what is important for a doctorate in your area of ​​study. To guarantee the best results and long-term availability, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you have decided to tackle the project.